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I've followed Tessa Kennedy's art for several years. The exhilaration of mountain climbing and living in the english Lake District and in the Costa Blanca mountains as a working artist comes through in all her work.  I was stunned by the sheer power of her work the moment I laid eyes on it.  Each painting is loaded with energy, feeling and color, executed with great virtuosity.  Where to some people landscape is 'background' to life, these works are visual dynamic poems.  Kennedy is in complete control of her medium.  She makes water, sky and rock dance.  The effect on the viewer - me - is I can't stop watching the dance

Kathy Kirkpatrick

I am very happy and proud to have two of Tessa's paintings in my home.  Tessa is a truly amazing artist.  Whatever technique or colors she is using, she always gives ALL to her paintings.  Each one transmits so much.. 

Sandy Muller

Tessa is a rare artist with a special quality.  When you've been in close contact with one of her mountain landscape paintings, you are refreshed.  Her current work is a summation of her unique life experience.  She's a mountain climbing painter who lives in nature.  This intimacy comes through in these paintings; as you look you feel her experience with the landscape.  Having bought one of her recent works, I feel my eyes have been opened and I will never view landscape in the same way again.  To this effect, Kennedy's landscapes have the ability to make you see the larger canvas of nature with renewed and deeper insight.

John Sunderland

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